Prevent Online ID Theft

Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

There are many ways to protect yourself against identity theft. Online identity theft protection is easier than you think if you just take the right steps to make sure you are safe. Below are some helpful tips to help you avoid getting your identity stolen.

Make Sure You Are Shopping on Secure Sites

There are so many online shopping sites this way, it is hard to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are just after your money. Make sure that when you are shopping online, you are only buying things from reputable sites, and make sure that you check the contact information on the website is legitimate. Another good way to ensure safety is to shop at online sites that have encryption codes to verify information.

Make Sure Your Passwords are Protected

Passwords and pin numbers are easily stolen, that is why you need to make sure that you have the most valid passwords possible. Never use your social security number as a password, or anything as obvious as a parentís middle or maiden name. Also, birth dates should never be used either.

Use an Alternate Identity for Online Surveys/Questionnaires

When you are filling out online surveys, questionnaires or simple bulk email sites, you should have an alternate name that you can use. Also, never fill out information that tells you they will send you free subscriptions or stuff. Usually, this sort of advertisement is just a way for identity thieves to get a hold of your information.

Never Download Anything From the Internet

Make sure that you never download any advertisement downloads or emails. These type of things often have encrypting device hidden in them and can quickly track your personal information.


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