Watch Out for ID Theft

Things to Look out For

There are some very popular ways that identity thefts go about stealing your personal information. By knowing some of the ways, you can be on the lookout for them and avoid falling for them.

Phishing Scams

Many phishing scams are just advertisement popups that appear on your computer, offering you up things like free credit cards and magazines. Also, you may get things pop up that say you need to update your account information. Whatever you do, do not enter any of your personal information into ads like these. They are simply phishing for your information such as social security numbers and credit card numbers.

Use Credit Cards Instead of Checks

When you are making purchases online, there is no way to ensure your full safety. However, some methods of payment are safer than others. For instance, using a credit card is safer than using a check because with a credit card, you have to add your 3 digit security code, which often times is harder for thefts to figure out. Using a check to pay for things is a less safe option of payment because it requires you to enter all of your personal information, which can lead to an easier way of stealing your identity and all of your personal information.

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Report

Often times, once someone has stolen your identity, it takes a while for you to actually figure it out. That is why you need to make sure that you are checking your credit report to see any unusual behavior on it. If you do notice anything suspicious, make sure to report it immediately.

If you have any questions about online identity theft, please visit our frequently asked questions page.


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